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Updated June 2024

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Low-permeability and shale resources differ from conventional resources because they exist in laterally extensive deposits, tend to have low porosity and permeability, and require horizontal drilling and multistage fracturing for the hydrocarbons to flow to the wellbore at economic rates. These resources are evaluated by geological play, whereas conventional resources are evaluated by pool. A geological play is a group of deposits with similar reservoir attributes.

Formation Summary

We estimated the reserves of low-permeability and shale resources in three formations: the Cardium, Montney, and Duvernay. It’s important to understand the kinds of resources in each formation to evaluate them accurately. 

  • Cardium Formation:
    • conventional resources
    • low-permeability resources
  • Montney Formation:
    • conventional resources
    • low-permeability resources
  • Duvernay Formation:
    • shale resources