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Under the provincial Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act, by June 30 of every year, we are required to disclose the names, positions, earnings, non-monetary benefits, and severance of all current and former employees whose total annual earnings for the previous calendar year were more than that year’s threshold, which was $135,317 in 2020.

In addition, by December 31 of every year, we are also required to disclose the names, positions, and severance amounts paid or payable to former employees or board members between January 1 and June 30 of the current year that are over the current year’s threshold. 

The following table shows our disclosures since June 2016. The compensation amounts are NOT base salary; the compensation column takes into account many other factors (e.g., overtime, annual hours worked, vacation cash out, and other taxable amounts). Board members and their compensation are also listed.

The AER is funded by industry through a levy

2021 AER Disclosure List

Download [CSV] - last updated: June 22, 2021

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