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When an energy-related incident has occurred, it is the company’s responsibility to report it, assess and manage its impacts, and perform any clean-up activities required. 

Energy-related incidents are reported to the Energy and Environmental Emergency 24-Hour Response Line at 1-800-222-6514, operated by the Government of Alberta. This response line is Alberta’s single contact point for reporting environmental emergencies, incidents, and complaints and triages calls to the appropriate agencies for response.

When a call is received by the AER, we will follow up with the company to confirm the details of the incident. Based on the information provided, we will determine the severity and complexity of the incident and respond appropriately. 

Incident Response

Most substances released into the environment from energy developments in Alberta must be reported to us. Information on the types of releases that must be reported and the requirements that companies must follow can be found on our Release Reporting page. 

It is the company’s responsibility to notify potentially affected stakeholders and Indigenous communities about an incident and keep them updated. 

To keep Albertans informed, we publish details about incidents on our Compliance Dashboard

Report an Incident

Call the Energy and Environmental Emergency 24-Hour Response Line at  1-800-222-6514 to report an energy or environmental incident or emergency.