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Our 2022-25 Strategic Plan builds on our 84-year history of energy regulation in Alberta and positions us well for continued growth and innovation.

The new strategy includes a new mission, vision, values, and four focus areas to set the foundation for our work.

Vision: The AER is a trusted regulator that delivers effective and efficient oversight of resource development.

Mission: To provide for the efficient, safe, orderly, and environmentally responsible development of energy resources in Alberta through our regulatory activities.

Values: accountability, transparency, trust and respect, and collaboration

Focus areas:

  1. Taking care of our people
  2. Enabling our operational effectiveness and innovation
  3. Enhancing our regulatory framework
  4. Strengthening our credibility and trust

We will also begin regulating additional energy and mineral resources, such as geothermal, metallics, and industrial minerals.

The strategic plan helps us prioritize our work and helps our staff recognize how their day-to-day work supports our vision and mission.

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