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IL 94-11: Good Production Practice Conventional Crude Oil Pools

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Release Date: Jun 01, 1994

As part of its continuing effort to streamline allowable administration in conventional off pools, the Board has conducted an internal review of pools subject to maximum rate limitations (MRLs) to identify those which could be placed on good production practice (GPP). The review focused on pools which contain wells incapable of producing their penalized MRL and have limited potential for future development or enhanced recovery. Consideration was also given as to whether solution gas was being conserved and, if not, whether gas conservation would be economical. Therefore, effective 1 July 1994, the 370 pools listed on Attachment 1 will be granted GPP status unless written objection is received by 15 June 1994.

Operators are advised that the Board may rescind GPP where there is evidence that conservation is compromised or, upon request, where an operator believes that correlative rights are being violated. If it is determined that an off-target well in a GPP pool should be penalized in accordance with ID 94-2, the Board will assign a well rate to which the off-target penalty would be applied. Operators are further cautioned that pressure-testing requirements are independent of GPP status and any requests for change to survey requirements, pursuant to Guide G-40, should be addressed separately.

Any questions regarding this letter should be directed to the Board's Oil Department at 297-8566.

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T. M. Hurst
Assistant Manager
Oil Department