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Directive 058: Oilfield Waste Management Requirements for the Upstream Petroleum Industry

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Release Date: February 01, 2006

Purpose of this Directive

This directive sets out regulatory requirements for the handling, treatment, and disposal of upstream oilfield waste.

It provides a comprehensive overview of oilfield waste characterization and classification, waste manifesting and tracking, oilfield waste management facilities, application requirements for oilfield waste management facilities, and waste management and disposal options.

See also Directive 058 Addendum 2015-01-14: Oilfield Waste Management Facility Approvals—Notification and Amendment Procedures

Alberta Oilfield Waste Manifest Forms

Dot Matrix Printer Compatible Alberta Oilfield Waste Manifest
July 2004
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The use of the Alberta Oilfield Waste Manifest became effective on June 1, 1997. The details of how and when the manifest is to be used are outlined in Directive 058: Oilfield Waste Management Requirements for the Upstream Petroleum Industry. This manifest provides detailed information to first responders in the event of a transport accident, and serves as a tool for confirming that shipments of dangerous waste are properly handled, transported, and disposed. The manifest was designed to meet the document requirements of Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) for shipments of DOW occurring entirely in Alberta.

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