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The AER has named two new members to its executive leadership team: Mark Taylor, executive vice president, Operations; and Carol Crowfoot, executive vice president, Strategy and Regulatory.

AER Names New Executive Vice Presidents

The AER is pleased to announce that Carol Crowfoot and Mark Taylor have been appointed to the organization’s executive leadership team.

Ms. Crowfoot is the new executive vice president of Strategy and Regulatory, replacing Cal Hill; Mr. Taylor is the new executive vice president of Operations, replacing Kirk Bailey. These appointments are effective immediately.

Mr. Bailey joined the AER in 2013 and helped us find new ways to carry out our day-to-day operations, worked with his colleagues on the executive leadership team to develop our strategic plan, and established a vision that continues to guide us today.

Mr. Hill is retiring after 37 years of service with the regulator. In recent years he’s played a key role in the getting the AER on its feet, developing our strategy, establishing new approaches to regulation, and providing continued expertise in science, economics, regulatory affairs, and corporate planning.

The AER thanks Mr. Hill and Mr. Bailey for their outstanding service and wishes them well.