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Our estimated processing time for this application is 10 business days. See our timeline spreadsheet for updates.

Purpose of the Application

A company with new oil wells can produce and gather production data for pool development in a new oil well production period (NOWPP). Companies use the data gathered during this test period for

  • economic evaluation, and
  • sizing of equipment to tie in to a new oil battery.

If we approve a company’s request to delay the start of the NOWPP, the company will have an additional 72-hour test period in the first production month for wells drilled in remote areas where gas conservation is uncertain.

Companies that delay the start of the NOWPP will not be able to extend the NOWPP by an additional month.

These requests will only be considered after the gas is being conserved, as specified in section 6(11) of Directive 007-1: Allowables Handbook—Guidelines for the Calculation of Monthly Production Allowables in Alberta

Process Checklist

Submit an Application
Companies with questions about a NOWPP or with requests to delay a NOWPP must email @email.

Review Process

We will review the request to ensure that

  • the data included in the submission (see the NOWPP checklist) are verified on Petrinex; and
  • our requirements have been met.

If our requirements are met, we will email the applicant to confirm that the request meets Directive 007-1 criteria to delay the start of a NOWPP. The applicable allowable record is then updated.

If our requirements are not met, we will email the applicant to notify them that the request does not meet Directive 007-1 criteria to delay the start of a NOWPP.