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OneStop Release Update

On November 22, 2018, we issued Bulletin 2018-33: Reporting Related to Closure Activities and Directive 039 Moving to OneStop about changes being implemented within the OneStop platform.

The submission deadline for 2018 data has been revised for both operating and not-operating or decommissioned dehydrators.

The deadline for operating dehydrators has been extended to May 15, 2019, for all dehydrators that operated one or more days in 2018. Should a licensee not be able to submit operating dehydrators to OneStop due to a submission issue, the licensee must contact the AER at @email.

The deadline for not-operating or decommissioned dehydrators has been extended to July 25, 2019, for dehydrators that did not operate or that were decommissioned for all of 2018. However, licensees of not-operating or decommissioned dehydrators are required to email @email by May 15, 2019, with

  • the licensee name and BA code,
  • the total number of dehydrators that will be reported by the July 25 deadline, and
  • the breakdown of dehydrators by operating status.

Any licensee that has successfully submitted the annual inventory in OneStop may disregard this update.