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ST-101 provides a progress report on industry's compliance with the Interim Directive (ID) 2001-03: Sulphur Recovery Guidelines for the Province of Alberta (ID 2001-03) , issued August 29, 2001. The guidelines established stringent requirements for sulphur emissions, provided a schedule for existing plants to meet the same sulphur recovery requirements as new plants, and encouraged operators to take early action to improve performance.

ST101-2012 [PDF] (2011 data, published September 2012)
-- Appendices [XLS]

ST101-2011 [PDF] (2010 data, published July 2011)
-- Appendices [XLS]

ST101-2010 [PDF] (2009 data, published July 2010)
-- Appendices [XLS]

ST101-2009 [PDF] (2008 data, published July 2009)
-- Appendices [XLS]

ST101-2008 [PDF] (2007 data, published July 2008)
-- Appendices [XLS]

ST101-2007[ PDF] (2006 data, published July 2007)
-- Appendices [XLS]

ST101-2006 [PDF] (2005 data, published August 2006)
-- Appendices 2-5 [XLS]

ST101-2005 [PDF] (2004 data, published August 2005)

ST101-2004 [PDF] (2003 data, published August 2004)

ST101-2003 [PDF] (2002 data, 1st edition, published Nov 2003)
-- Appendices 1-4 [XLS]

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