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AER Service Desk hours are:

On-site support: Monday to Friday - 7:00am to 5:00pm
Holidays: There is no support on holidays.


Access AEP Systems Note: this link needs to be opened in an icognito/private browsing window.

This service provides secure remote access to systems and applications provided by AER’s solutions partner, AEP. AEP systems support AER’s regulation of industry activities under the Public Lands Act and Mines & Minerals Act.

A GoA ID and GoA RSA Secure ID token or fob is required for authentication to the AEP Systems Applications. Systems and applications include:

  • ARTS
  • SAT
  • DSPT
  • EDS
  • ERKS
  • ECM-KC
  • EMS

Access AER Systems

This service provides secure remote access to all staff to frequently used systems and software provided by the AER. An AER issued ID and RSA Secure ID token or fob is required for authentication. Systems and software include, but are not limited to:

  • HUB (Internal Portal)
  • IAR
  • FIS
  • COM
  • Microsoft Office
  • Remote Desktop Access (RDP)

For information on remote access or remote set-up please refer to the following;

Access AER Outlook Webmail

Outlook Web Access provides internet access to your Exchange e-mail and calendar.

Contact the AER Service Desk at 403-297-3744 should you have questions.

* denote that remote systems access points require a AER or GoA-issued ID and RSA token (fob).


Please contact the @email for user account or any system access issues.

If you need to reset/change your password, please use the Self-Service Password Manager.